Tatchell Smeared Again

November 29, 2009

‘Just say no to Sharia law’ urges Tatchell

Peter Tatchell is given space at Comment is Free to promote the “Universal Children’s Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” demonstration on Saturday – which, despite its grandiose title, is just another stupid stunt by One Law for All, a front organisation for Mariam Namazie and the Worker Communist Party of Iran.

Tatchell writes plaintively that “the turn out in Hyde Park will probably be quite small” – which, based on previous experience, is a realistic prediction. The explanation is that anyone with a shred of political judgement baulks at stirring up Islamophobia in co-operation with a bunch of sectarian nutters like the WPI. For Tatchell, however, the problem is that leftists and liberals “get squeamish when it comes to challenging human rights abuses committed in the name of Islam”.

The WPI appeals to its supporters to “Show your opposition to Sharia law and all religious-based tribunals in Britain, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and elsewhere” (emphasis added), and Tatchell himself claims that he and other supporters of Saturday’s demonstration “reject all religious laws and courts, including those inspired by Judaist and Christian fundamentalism”. Why, then, do Tatchell and the WPI concentrate exclusively on attacking Islamic religious tribunals? We never hear a peep from them about the Beth Din courts that operate within the Orthodox Jewish community, even though their rules on divorce are considerably more discriminatory against women than those of Sharia tribunals.

The reason of course is that Tatchell is less interested in women’s rights than in generating some publicity for himself by stoking the fires of anti-Muslim bigotry

“Tatchell is less interested in women’s rights than in generating some publicity for himself by stoking the fires of anti-Muslim bigotry.”

That is quite plainly bollox!

Tatchell over eggs the threat of Islamic fundamentalism but he is hardly an insighter of hatred agaisnt Muslims!

“Why, then, do Tatchell and the WPI concentrate exclusively on attacking Islamic religious tribunals? We never hear a peep from them about the Beth Din courts that operate within the Orthodox Jewish community, even though their rules on divorce are considerably more discriminatory against women than those of Sharia tribunals.”

Yeah and if they did criticise Beth Din courts the socialist Islamophobiawatchers would probably accuse them of being “anti semetic”.




Red Ken condems mosque protest in “return to 1930s” panic

September 11, 2009

Ken Livingstone condemns anti-Muslim protest in Harrow and warns of ‘return to the 1930s’

Ken Livingstone, chair of Unite Against Fascism and former mayor of London, spoke out today against the anti-Muslim rally called by far right organisations outside Harrow Central Mosque this Friday. Livingstone said:

“If anyone were to call a demonstration outside a synagogue or church, this would rightly provoke a national outcry. There should be exactly the same response from the government, politicians, all religious faiths and the media to the call for a demonstration outside a mosque. The only possible meaning of this event is a protest against Muslims and Islam – a religion followed by more than a billion people in the world.

“People should wake up to the fact the protests outside mosques are taking us back to the fascism of the 1930s when fascist thugs marched against Jews and their places of worship. This demonstration should be condemned and banned on the grounds of blatant religious discrimination and a threat to public order.”

The anti-Muslim protest has been called by groups such as the BNP-linked “English Defence League” – which ran riot in Birmingham last weekend, throwing bottles at Asians and making Nazi ‘sieg heil’ salutes – and “Stop the Islamisation of Europe”, which declares that it is against all Muslims and all forms of Islam. They are calling their protest on the anniversary of the 9/11 in an attempt to whip up hatred against all Muslims by falsely branding them as terrorist sympathisers.

Unite Against Fascism has called a vigil and rally to defend the mosque from these anti-Muslim bigots. Speakers at the rally include Tony McNulty, MP for Harrow East, and Navin Shah, the London Assembly member for Brent & Harrow. The anti-racist vigil is backed by a variety of local community organisations and trade unions.

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said: “Nobody should be fooled by the bigots when they claim that they are ‘not racist’ or ‘peaceful’. They are here for one simple purpose: to intimidate and abuse the Muslim community. Back in the 1970s the National Front would march through black areas on the pretext of opposing ‘mugging’. Today the racists and fascists use opposition to ‘Islamic extremism’ in the same way.

“We all have a duty to show solidarity with Muslims in the face of these racist provocations. We will bring together people from all of Harrow’s different communities to send a clear message to the racists: we will defend our multiracial and multicultural society – and anti-Muslim bigots are not welcome here.”

UAF press release, 10 September 2009

“If anyone were to call a demonstration outside a synagogue or church, this would rightly provoke a national outcry.”

Maybe. But possibly not from Left-wingers like Ken Livingstone.

What about a protest outside a church over alleged Catholic Church abuses of children?

Or how about a protest outside a synagogue that is known for supporting Israel’s attacks on Palestine?

Would Ken and his fellow socialists condem that and call for those protests to be banned?

It’s doubtful.

Of course protesting outside churches and synagogues would be pointless as it would fail to offer any real soloutions to those issues.

To suggest a handful of skinhead brainless idiots protesting outside a mosque over something they really do not understand is evidence of a return to 1930s style Nazism is ridiculous.



Protest against Stop Islamification Of Europe protest

September 10, 2009

UAF appeal: ‘Defend Harrow Central Mosque from anti-Muslim racists’

Defend Harrow Central Mosque from anti-Muslim racists
assemble 4pm, Friday 11 September, Harrow Civic Centre

Speakers include: Tony McNulty MP, London assembly member Navin Shah, NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear, Jo Lang from Harrow Teachers Association, Unite convenor and bus worker Abdul Omer Mohsin, Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism

>>> download the leaflet HERE
>>> download the poster HERE

Racist bigots including the BNP-linked English Defence League and “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” are planning on holding an anti-Muslim protest outside Harrow Central Mosque on the evening of Friday 11 September. Unite Against Fascism has called a solidarity vigil in response to defend the mosque from racists and fascists.

We are calling on everyone in London who opposes the racists and wants to stand up for Harrow’s multicultural and multiracial society to assemble on Friday at 4pm outside Harrow Civic Centre on Station Road, just north of the junction with Rosslyn Crescent (postcode HA1 2UA, nearest tube Harrow & Wealdstone). Please bring union banners.

The vigil starts at 1.30pm, so please get there earlier if you can. We want a dignified but determined demonstration that will show the racists that they are not welcome in Harrow. There will be a public rally with speakers starting at around 6pm.

Click to read more …

Instead of pointless protesting and placard waving it would be better to examine and challenge excactly what SIOE is protesting about.

What do they mean when they say the “Islamification” of Europe? Does mosques being built in European countries show that Islam is “taking over”?

Taking those views on board and producing counter arguments would be far more effective than shouting, placard waving and calling for the police to ban these protests.
.Inciedentally we’ve noticed, with some humour the Socialist Worker complaining this week that the police did nothing to stop the EDL protestors from hurling bottles and violently abusing Asian people in the street.

The Socialist Worker is very vocal in it’s view that the police are all “fascist pigs” and the very idea of law and order is oppresive and there to “uphold the property of the rich.”

Yet now they are clamouring for the police to act.

It seems the police are good for something when it’s people the Socialist Worker want nicked.

Anti-Muslim demo violence

September 6, 2009

EDL’s anti-Muslim provocation results in violent clashes in Birmingham

Officers were trying today to identify more people involved in violent scenes at a right-wing protest which resulted in dozens of arrests.

More than 30 people were arrested in Birmingham city centre yesterday when anti-fascist campaigners fought with supporters of a rally against Islamic fundamentalism by The English Defence League (EDL).

The disorder involved around 200 people and spilled on to the adjoining Bennetts Hill, a street lined with a number of pubs popular with shoppers. West Midlands Police said a group of more than 20 men were arrested on a bus in Digbeth High Street. Later a “significant” number of people were also detained from buses that left the Bennetts Hill area. They were taken into custody at stations across the city.

Earlier this week the force, along with Birmingham City Council, obtained an order from the Home Secretary banning protesters from the Bullring area of the city, under section 14a of the Public Order Act. Under the same legislation, Chief Constable Chris Sims passed an order restricting the protests to two locations – Lancaster Circus and Old Square.

But after meeting on Broad Street in the city’s entertainment district, demonstrators proceeded to New Street, around half a mile away, and trouble ensued.

Mail on Sunday, 6 September 2009

More than 30 arrests, countless innocent citizens terrorised, dozens of traders facing drastically reduced takings. The grim statistics of another visit to Birmingham by the English Defence League on a day the police promised would be “business as usual”. Still, at least the democratic right to protest has been upheld. But for who?

Although the EDL’s leaders insist the target of their venom is only Islamic extremism, that message clearly didn’t get through to all their followers. Hence the banners saying “No More Mosques” being paraded around the city centre.

A leaflet handed out by the group deliberately blurred the line between “fundamentalist” and ordinary Muslims. It said, “Islam is a threat to us all. Don’t let this oppressive religion go unchallenged. Time to make stand”. Are these the words of a group which deserves to have an unprecedented police operation deployed to preserve their free speech?

David Hughes wrote on The Stirrer Forum, “About 50 to 60 EDL supporters attacked some Asian youths by throwing glasses and beer bottles at the top end of New St. The EDL supporters emerged out of an alleyway throwing abuse, beer bottles and glasses. They were aiming at Asian youths and bystanders who had gathered at the junction of Bennetts Hill and New St.”

This account was confirmed by others in the vicinity, giving the lie to the claim that the EDL supporters were simply innocent protestors targeted by extremists from the other side of the political fence.

We must get away from this notion (forcibly promoted by the BBC and the police among others) that there are two equal groups of extremists at work here. It’s simply not true.

There is a group – the English Defence League – who are abusing their right to free speech by coming into a diverse, multicultural city to stir up hatred, and they are, quite understandably, meeting resistance from those who feel under threat from their message. Should we condone this violent resistance? No. Can we understand it? Of course we can.

And if the police continue to peddle the line that there’s nowt else they can do, all their hard work to promote community cohesion will come to nought.

The Stirrer, 6 September 2009

What’s clear is that anti-fascists (are the EDL really a fascist group? It’s debatable even with the alleged links with the BNP)  and anti-racist campaigners have no arguments to debunk the paranoia of the EDL and much of their opposition relies souly on shouty shout protests which often result in violent clashes like this.


Ban anti Muslim demos

August 24, 2009

Call for ban on anti-Muslim demonstration in Birmingham

West Midlands Police have been urged to step in and ban a far right group from holding a march in Birmingham next month to avoid a repeat of the shocking scenes of violence witnessed earlier this month.

White nationalist organisation The English Defence League (EDL) and an associated group, Casuals United, are due to hold a rally against Islamic extremism in the city on September 5. Their first demonstration on August 8 ended with violence and bloodshed as supporters clashed with anti-racism campaigners.

One of those calling for a ban was Respect councillor Salma Yaqoob, who expected more street violence if EDL returned. “When it comes to public safety we have every right to intervene,” she said. “But the ‘just stay away’ message we are hearing won’t wash with today’s Muslim youngsters who won’t put their heads down and carry on walking when they are subjected to racist taunts – they will react and fight back.”

Yesterday, those at a public meeting to discuss how the city should deal with the group’s next visit voted unanimously that the police should have the demonstration banned. West Midlands Police were urged to join forces with Birmingham City Council to apply to the Home Secretary for a banning order under the Public Order Act. But a senior police officer said there were no current plans to do so as the EDL had a legitimate right to hold its march.

Birmingham Post, 24 August 2009

The English Defence League are paranoid types who greatly exagerate the “threat” of Islamic extremism.

It would be more effective for anti-racists to organise counter demos rather than just call for this demo to be banned.

And if this was a Muslim extremist group who preach hatred against Jews and non-believers and some called for them to be banned from protesting the likes of Salma Yaqoob would be screaming ISLAMOPHOBIA and saying that they are being stopped from expressing their anger towards foriegn policy the iraq war etc etc

Media terrorism double standards

July 12, 2009

Media double standards on terrorism

Know your enemy

Mehdi Hasan

Published 09 July 2009



Why isn’t the trial of a man charged with preparing for terror attacks using tennis-ball bombs being reported? He’s not a bearded Muslim

Imagine, for a moment, that Neil Lewington, who is on trial at the Old Bailey for preparing for a “campaign of terrorism” using tennis-ball bombs, was a British Muslim. The story would be splashed across the front page of every newspaper in Britain, and Sky News would be rolling a loop of images of his scowling, bearded, dark face.

The reality, however, is that you’ve probably never heard of Lewington (who denies all eight charges of terrorism) because he is not Muslim, or black, or of Asian origin. He is white. And our gloriously impartial, truth-seeking, “colour-blind” media don’t seem to care. The coverage of the Lewington trial has been negligible – a few short stories buried deep inside a handful of newspapers, but, as I write, no rolling coverage on Sky News, and not a peep on the main BBC news bulletins or on Newsnight.

One veteran home affairs correspondent told me he had asked his editors why the Lewington trial wasn’t being covered. “They didn’t want to hear about it,” he said. “They just weren’t interested. It’s outrageous.”

Lewington is only the latest in a long line of white terror suspects who have “disappeared” from the mainstream media. Have you heard of Robert Cottage? He is the former British National Party candidate jailed in July 2007 for possessing explosive chemicals in his home – described by police at the time of his arrest as the largest amount of chemical explosive of its type ever found in this country. The national coverage of Cottage’s arrest in October 2006 amounted to exactly 56 words in a single “news in brief” item in the Sunday Times.

There is, too, the case of Martyn Gilleard, the Nazi sympathiser jailed in June 2008 after police found nail bombs, bullets, swords, axes and knives in his flat, as well as a note in which he had written, “I am so sick and tired of hearing nationalists talk of killing Muslims, of blowing up mosques, of fighting back. Only to see these acts of resistance fail to appear. The time has come to stop the talk and start to act.” What about Nathan Worrell? This neo-Nazi, described by police as a “dangerous individual”, hoarded bomb-making materials in his home, and was found guilty in December 2008 of possessing material for terrorist purposes and for racially aggravated harassment. His trial attracted two passing references in the popular national press, in the Daily Star and the Sun. And in February this year, not a single national newspaper reported on the self-professed racist Neil MacGregor’s guilty plea to threatening to blow up Glasgow Central Mosque and behead a Muslim every week until every mosque in Scotland was closed.

It is as if these crimes had never happened. For most British journalists today, the idea of non-Muslim terrorism perpetrated by non-Irish white folk is inconceivable. Why? Because too many of them reflexively subscribe to the notion that maybe not all Muslims are terrorists, but certainly all terrorists are Muslims.

Figures compiled by Europol, the European police agency, suggest that the threat of Islamist terrorism is minimal compared with “ethno-nationalist” and “separatist” terrorism – terrorism committed by white people, in other words. According to Europol, in 2006, one out of 498 documented terrorist attacks across Europe could be classed as “Islamist”; in 2007, the figure rose to just four out of 583 – that’s less than 1 per cent of the total. By contrast, 517 attacks across the continent were claimed by or attributed to nationalist or separatist terrorist groups, such as ETA in Spain.

It is not only liberals and aggrieved Muslims who are concerned about the under-reporting of white terrorism. One senior minister told me recently that he wished the British media would give greater coverage to non-Muslims on trial for terrorism and terror-related offences. “It would help us a great deal with the Muslim community,” the minister said. “It would show them that we prosecute violent extremists of all types – because they’re all nasty bastards, be they Islamists or white supremacists.”

Yet this, too, is slightly disingenuous. Compared to Islamists, who have been subjected to a battery of punitive measures – from detention without charge to control orders to torture abroad – white supremacists seem to be given preferential treatment by our criminal justice system. Robert Cottage was charged under the Explosive Substances Act 1883, not the panoply of modern anti-terror laws now at the disposal of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. Neil MacGregor was tried in a sheriff’s court, rather than the high court where such cases normally go, and where he would have faced a much more severe sentence. He was also tried on the ludicrously lenient charge of breaching the peace. It seems that in Britain, a white racist threatening to behead a Muslim a week is taken no more seriously than a man who is drunk and disorderly in public, or who keeps waking his neighbours with loud music.

Terrorists – those who deploy illegitimate violence against civilians for political purposes – should be ruthlessly identified, relentlessly pursued, arrested, prosecuted and punished, regardless of race or creed. Justice must be colour-blind, and seen to be colour-blind. Any other approach, by the authorities or the media, risks further alienating and stigmatising Muslim communities in Britain.

As we went to press, anti-terror detectives finally acknowledged that the door has been left open to potentially “spectacular” terror attacks of the far-right, white-supremacist variety – but I have yet to see this reported on any front page.

“There is a growing right-wing threat, not just al-Qaeda,” said Sir Norman Bettison,

chief constable of West Yorkshire Police, in the wake of raids on a network of alleged far-right extremists in possession of 300 weapons and 80 bombs. It was the biggest seizure of suspected terrorist materials in England since the early 1990s, when the IRA was active.

Terrorism, we know, is not the exclusive preserve or franchise of dark-skinned, bearded Muslims. But nowadays you might not know it from following the news.

Mehdi Hasan is the New Statesman’s senior editor (politics)

Indeed. But double standards on terrorism can be seen from the Left too.

When white non-Muslims attempt to commit acts of terrorism against Muslims it’s because they are nasty racist Nazis and it must be condemed (which of course is true)

When Muslims are attemtping to commit acts of terrorism against non-Muslims it’s because they are angry about foriegn policy and any condemnation is Islamophobic racism.

Violence commited by racists against ethnic minorities is born out of hatred towards ethnic minorities and must be punished (again true)

Violence commited by Muslim extremists against non-Muslims is born out of social injustice and anger towards Western imperalism and must be understood.




Is the BNP racist?

June 11, 2009

Are BNP voters racist?

There’s an informative YouGov opinion poll on the Channel 4 website which provides a useful basis for an assessment of the BNP vote. Unfortunately, the analysis in the accompanying article by Peter Kellner is deeply flawed. Kellner plays down the racism of BNP supporters and claims that “depending on how the term ‘racist’ is precisely defined, our survey suggests that the label applies to only around a half of BNP voters”.

But the poll itself demolishes this assertion. It found that 94% of BNP voters thought “all further immigration to the UK should be halted” – way ahead of supporters of other political parties, with the exception of UKIP. 79% of BNP voters agreed that “even in its milder [sic] forms, Islam is a danger to western civilisation” – again, far higher than Labour, Tory, Lib Dem or Green voters.

Kellner sees it as a positive result that “just 44 per cent” of BNP voters “agreed with the party in rejecting the view that non-white citizens are just as British as white citizens”. However the question didn’t concern all British citizens, but rather “British citizens who were born in this country”. If the question had included people born abroad who have come to the UK and subsequently acquired citizenship, the percentage of BNP voters denying that non-white citizens are “just as British as white citizens” would undoubtedly have been even higher.

In that connection, it’s worth noting that 81% of BNP voters disagreed with the proposition that “Britain has benefited from the arrival in recent decades of people from many different countries and cultures”. Only 8% of BNP voters agreed with this proposition, compared with 63% of Green voters, 55% of Lib Dem voters, 53% of Labour voters and even 31% of Tory voters.

What the poll reveals is that racist attitudes exist among supporters of all political parties (which is what you would expect, given the migrant-bashing, Muslim-hating propaganda that pervades the popular press) but that people who vote for the BNP are much more racist than those who vote for mainstream political parties.

Yet, bizarrely, Kellner states emphatically: “most BNP voters do NOT subscribe to what might be described as ‘normal racist views’.” This is in line with the analysis of other pundits, who have strenuously denied that the majority of BNP voters are racists.

It is of course true that the vast majority of BNP voters are not fascists and that they would be shocked by the neo-Nazi views that Griffin and other BNP leaders actually hold. But the majority of BNP voters certainly do hold racist views, and if we’re to develop a strategy for resisting the BNP it serves no useful purpose to deny that fact.

Indeed, it was precisely in order to combat the racist ideology on which the BNP feeds that the annual Rise festival was held in London. And that is why Boris Johnson’s decision to cancel Rise was so utterly irresponsible.#

Islamophobia Watch doing what they do best, stating the obvious.

“What the poll reveals is that racist attitudes exist among supporters of all political parties (which is what you would expect, given the migrant-bashing, Muslim-hating propaganda that pervades the popular press)”

Yeah blaming the popular press again. It’s a bit like blaming violent films for violence in real life. Islamophobia Watch believe that people read newspapers and suddenly become Muslim hating racists.

It’s a simplistic view. Yeah people go and read stories in the press about Muslims banning Christmas and then go out and beat up Muslims.







Mad Mel and the BNP

June 9, 2009

Mad Mel explains the BNP’s success

“Anyone who objects to multi-culturalism is called a bigot; anyone who wants to curb immigration is called a racist; anyone who objects to the Islamisation of Britain is called an Islamophobe; anyone who wants to leave the EU and regain the power of national self-government is called a xenophobe; anyone, in short, who wants to retain Britain’s national identity rooted in the shared particulars of religion, law, history, traditions and culture and its powers as a self-governing nation finds themselves ostracised as a pariah….

“Working-class areas are particularly vulnerable to the BNP because they bear the full brunt of these policies. They are areas of very high immigration where the transformation of the ethnic, religious and cultural landscape has made indigenous inhabitants feel strangers in their own country…. The willed loss of control of this country’s borders, the blind eye to Islamisation, the refusal to allow the people to vote against the Lisbon treaty and the surrender of self-government to the EU – these are the things that have brought the BNP electoral success.”

Melanie Phillips’s blog, 8 June 2009

Not that Mel is exactly an expert on the BNP, of course. According to her, “they will not allow black people or Jews to be members”, which rather overlooks the fact that the BNP actually have a councillor of Jewish origin – one Patricia Richardson, who has sat on Epping Forest District Council for the last five years.

And as we’ve pointed out in the past, Phillips omits to mention one important factor in the rise of the BNP – the legitimisation of their racist politics by bigoted right-wing commentators like herself whose anti-Muslim tirades are often barely distinguishable from the sort of thing you might read in a BNP propaganda leaflet.

“the legitimisation of their racist politics by bigoted right-wing commentators like herself whose anti-Muslim tirades are often barely distinguishable from the sort of thing you might read in a BNP propaganda leaflet.”

In other words Melanie Phillips is just like the BNP.

Mel might be a paranoid fantasist but a far right Nazi? Debatable.

Of course that’s how the Islamophobiawatchers work. If you disagree with them you are a BNP Nazi fascist who hates Islam and Muslims.

The Islamophobiawatchers have been making a big deal out of the BNP winning a few seats in Europe. More evidence that Brtiain is rife with anti Muslim racism of course!



Rioting double standards

May 26, 2009

“No Sharia” demonstrators riot in Luton

Nine people have been arrested after hundreds of anti-Islamist protesters clashed with police yesterday. The streets of Luton descended into violence after demonstrators, many hiding their faces behind balaclavas, brandished England flags and chanted at officers.

A group called March for England was said to have organised the rally as a peaceful protest against Muslim extremists. They were joined by a local group United People of Luton.

The mob, which included teenagers and women, held banners with slogans such as “No Sharia Law in the UK” and “Respect our Troops”. Some protesters wore masks with the horned face of Sayful Islam, a hardline Muslim activist in Luton who took part in an anti-war rally in March, which disrupted a homecoming parade for troops.

But chaos broke out when a crowd of around 500 ran away from police who had been escorting the protest along its route, and ran down side streets towards the town centre. Officers on horseback and police dogs were deployed, and policemen drew batons to defend themselves.

Groups of young men in balaclavas and England shirts chanted outside the city centre and one balacava-clad protester held a Rottweiler on a chain, while others clashed with police in riot gear. One Asian man was hit across the face with a banner and left with a bloody nose.

Police said during the disturbance three car windscreens were smashed and a window at a take away restaurant in Chapel Street had been broken. Last night Luton town centre was calm as police maintained a presence on the streets.

A spokesman for United People of Luton, Wayne King, said many people in Luton were concerned and annoyed that the Muslim community in the town had not taken steps to deal with Sayful Islam’s “hate-filled preachings”. The 24-year-old, who wore a T-shirt with the words “No surrender to Al-Qaeda” on it, said:

“We decided enough was enough after the soldiers got heckled as they marched through the town centre by the Muslim extremists. Our community has been racially attacked for the last 10 years. A mosque in the town got set on fire a few weeks ago and it made national news but churches in Luton are regularly being set fire to.”

Daily Mail, 25 March 2009

For the background, see Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, 25 May 2009

For an eyewitness account, see Three Counties Unity, 25 May 2009

Meanwhile, over at his Lionheart blog, Paul Ray endorses the rioting. In reply to a comment objecting to “headlines of masked men and violence”, Ray demands:

“What are you doing about the Islamification of Great Britain? Islam has taken over Luton, and the police and council have done nothing but sit back and allow it to happen. This is the culmination of the past 25-30 years. The people of Luton have now arisen to reclaim their community!!! How do you expect them to do it? …

“No one thinks that removing the militant wing of Islam from our land is going to be easy, and if the government will not do it then the people will, and they will quite obviously be wearing balaclavas to do that, because the government will come down on them for defending their community…. So decide where you stand and who you stand with.”

No doubt Luton Council will bear this in mind next time Ray applies for permission to hold a demonstration in the town.

It all sounds preety nasty, and some of the people at the demo sound preety nasty.

But our double standards radar is going like the clappers.

Had this been an anti-war protest which resulted in protestors getting arrested after clashing with police the lefties and socialists would have been screaming blue murder about the right to protest being infringed, about police brutality and “fascits pigs!”

But it’s ok for the “fascist pigs” to nick protestors who’s protest the lefties and socialists disagree with.

Of course those who got invovled in violence and attacked people should be prosecuted. But you get the feeling that Islamophobia Watch’s view is that this protest shouldn’t have been allowed at all because they don’t agree with it.



Stop harrasing Muslims

May 10, 2009

Police ‘must stop harassing Muslims’

The government must end its “shameful harassment and demonisation” of Muslims, campaigners will demand at a public meeting in Manchester today.

The call follows the continued detention and attempted deportation of 11 Pakistani students falsely arrested during terror raids in the area in April.

All 11 men, plus a British citizen also arrested in the Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire raids, have been released without charge and no evidence has been produced to support the allegations made against the men.

However, in a development which provoked fury from campaigners, the 11 foreign nationals were then immediately detained once more, this time by the UK Borders Agency.

A spokesman for the Respect party in Greater Manchester, which helped organise the meeting, said: “In a blaze of hysterical publicity, armed police swooped on 12 Pakistani students in Manchester and Liverpool on April 8.

“The Prime Minister boasted of a major terror plot being foiled. In spite of no evidence of any terror plot being found, 11 of the 12 are still being held in custody, awaiting deportation.”

He added: “Instead of an apology, the police promised more such raids. We must unite to stop the deportation of the Pakistani students and break the wall of fear that is being built around Muslim communities.

“The government must stop this shameful harassment and criminalisation of Muslim communities and the media must stop the demonisation of Muslims.”

Mr Abdul Kureshi of the Lancashire Council of Mosques said that government policy towards the Muslim community was alienating many and that it needed to be addressed.

He said: “My stance is that we need to protect this society but, if in the process innocent people are arrested, we should be bold enough to be fair with those people. It is not right if, in trying to serve justice, we are creating injustice.

“The government seems to have a blanket policy towards the Muslim community and a lot of people are very unhappy. I would be interested to know who came up with this strategy – it seems to be nonsensical and a lot of very hard-working and sincere people now feel very alienated.”

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday from 2pm at the Pakistani Community Centre, Stockport Road, Longsight. A second meeting is to be held on Tuesday May 12 from 7.30pm at the Saffron Restaurant, Cheetham Hill Road in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

Morning Star, 9 May 2009

Of course where innocent people are arrested questions must be asked and those who are responsible should be brought to book.

But there is another agenda here. The agenda of the socialists and Islamophobiawatchers who believe that even if some Muslims are planning to or have the means to carry out a terrorist attack it’s because of those Muslims’ anger towards British/American foriegn policy and to arrest them would be an act of Islamophobia.

We notice the meeting was organised by Respect who have a vested interest in putting it into the heads of Muslims that everyone hates them and is out to lock them up.