Just as those on the extreme right-wing overtly exagerate the threat of Islamic extremism, terorism and fundamentalism those on the Left greatly exagerate the threat of “Islamophobia” and the threat of fascists and the BNP.

The poltics of fear can be used by the far Left in order to win votes too.

This blog aims to monitor the fear mongering “Islamophobia Nazi racists are everywhere” scaremongering of groups such as Islamophobia Watch, Unite Against Fascism and the Socialist Workers Party.


One Response to “About”

  1. Nora Harrif Says:

    Hello I wish to make a complaint about the office islamophobic website http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/ . I think it is outrageous that such websites exist, they should be ban and no one whould be allowed to make such comments just because there are a few bad apples. I hope you will be able to close down this islamophobique website spreading heatrade against islamique people and increasing racism against a person’s faith.

    Thank you for advising if you can remove such spread of heatrade and racist website.

    Best Regards

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