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Panorama Expose Of Islamic Hate In Schools Is A “Witchhunt” Say Islamophobiawatchers

November 22, 2010

Panorama’s John Ware embarks on another witch-hunt

DateMonday, November 22, 2010

ENGAGE takes up tonight’s Panorama programme British Schools, Islamic Rules.

Hmm. If Panorama was exposing how children in British schools are being exposed to BNP fascist anti-Muslim propoganda the Islamophobiawatchers would, quite rightly of course, celebrate it as a fantastic expose of racism, fascism and Islamophobia in British schools.

But exposing hatred towards non-Muslims in British schools from Muslims is apparently a “witchunt” and racist, Islamophobic etc etc.

Engage points out how the right-wing tabloids like The Daily Mail and The Daily Star are exploiting the programme for their own anti-Muslim ends.

Usual guilt by dissassociation form the Islamophobiawatchers. Because the right-wing racist anti-Muslim tabloid press scaremongers about Islamic extremism and bigotry from Muslims anyone who points out and criticises bigotry when spoken by Muslims must be sympathisers to the tabloids racist anti-Muslim agenda.

Of course!

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