Peter Tatchell Not Protesting Against Muslims Shocker

According to Islamophobia Watch the human rights and gay campaigner Peter Tatchell is an Islamophobic bigot who stirs up hatred against Muslims by devoting all his efforts to protesting against Muslims who he claims are propoganting homophobia and insighting violence against homosexuals.

Islamophobia Watch claim that Tatchell mostly protests against Muslims and rather than equally crticise hatred against gays from all religions his main gripe is Islam.

But this week Tatchell has demonstrated that is just a load of hogwash! Tatchell has been leading the protests against the state visit of The Pope and the homophobia peddled by the Catholic Church as well as the cover up of the sex abuse of children by Catholic priests.

The claim that Tatchell just has a go at homophobic Muslims is a nasty smear by the Islamophobia watching far left and this week Tatchell has shown that he demonstrates against bigotry amongst all religions!


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