Burn A Korn Day Gets Islamophobia Watchers Going

The news that some extreme right-wing Christian looney with about 34 members in his Congregation is planning a day where people burn the Koran has got the Islamophobiawatchers frothing at the mouth pointing to how this is yet more evidence that the Western world is full of rampent anti-Muslim racist.

Islamophobia Watch is covering it all and you can find most of their take on the nonscence on their website


According to the Islamophobiawatching far left a Pastor living in the backwaters of the deapest South of the USA who has a mere 34 people supporting him burning the Koran is a demonstration of out of control Western racism and imperalism against Islam and Muslims.

As par for the course the Islamophobiawatchers elivate small bands of racist nutters into a far greater threat than they actually are!


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