Racists At Fancy Dress Student Party

Students condemned for ‘racially offensive’ fancy dress stunt

Students who dressed up as prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and “blacked-up” their faces for a Christmas party have been accused of racism.

The students, part of the rugby team from the London School of Economics (LSE), were in costume for the annual “carol” last Friday, an “all-day drinking” event organised by the university’s Athletics Union. They wore orange jumpsuits, with some painting their faces brown and drawing on beards.

At around 1pm, outside the Student Union bar, in full public view, they proceeded to imitate Muslim prayer while other team members dressed as American soldiers shouted orders at them. It took place just as Muslim students were leaving the nearby Old Building after Friday prayer.

West End Extra, 17 December 2009

See also London Student, 11 December 2009

Thoughtless, stupid and yes probably racist!

But Islamophobia Watch portrays this as yet more example of how Britain is rampent with Islamophobia anti-Muslim racism.

A bunch of students acting like idiots does not prove that Britain is an anti-Islam Muslim hating fascist hell hole!


6 Responses to “Racists At Fancy Dress Student Party”

  1. David Woolmer Says:

    Britain may not be an anti-Islam(but NOT Muslims per se)hating hell hole but until Islam reforms sufficiently to make it at all fit for any modern democracy it SHOULD BE!!

    • profreedan Says:

      Ok moving swiffftly on….

      • George La Paglia Says:

        One has only to read an unexpurgated copy of the Koran to understand what sort of “holy” book it is. In FACT it is a blueprint for violence,hatred and war.

    • profreedan Says:

      Dear oh dear. You do realise that this blog is about highlighting how some on the Left over hype the threat of Islamophobia and not for bashing Muslims, Islam and the Koran don;t you?

  2. George La Paglia Says:


    As a matter of FACT I never bash Muslims but I always bash the so-called faith they are so unfortunate to be born into or coerced to join under the severest pressure. I also firmly believe that anyone with a decent thought in his head should bash the Qu’ran unless they find merit in an unholy book which is crueller, more inaccurate, less interesting and far more dangerous than Mein Kampf!

  3. George La Paglia Says:


    It was extremely remiss of me not to have lambasted you before now for your totally ignorant rant against Geert Wilders(whom I know well). He attacks Islam,not Muslims per se.

    He has a considerable advantage over you since he knows and understands Islam very well both in principle and practice. His film Fitna shown last year in the House of Lords was only inflammatory to certain fundamentalist Muslims because it showed in graphic detail scenes from 9/11, 7/7, Darfur, the Bali Night Club bombing in 2002 and three churches in Iraq set on fire with the worshippers still inside!

    Mein Kampf is banned in Holland but he makes a perfectly valid point when he compares it to the Qu’ran,the only difference is that the Qu’ran is a lot less accurate and a lot more dangerous!

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