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Ban anti Muslim demos

August 24, 2009

Call for ban on anti-Muslim demonstration in Birmingham

West Midlands Police have been urged to step in and ban a far right group from holding a march in Birmingham next month to avoid a repeat of the shocking scenes of violence witnessed earlier this month.

White nationalist organisation The English Defence League (EDL) and an associated group, Casuals United, are due to hold a rally against Islamic extremism in the city on September 5. Their first demonstration on August 8 ended with violence and bloodshed as supporters clashed with anti-racism campaigners.

One of those calling for a ban was Respect councillor Salma Yaqoob, who expected more street violence if EDL returned. “When it comes to public safety we have every right to intervene,” she said. “But the ‘just stay away’ message we are hearing won’t wash with today’s Muslim youngsters who won’t put their heads down and carry on walking when they are subjected to racist taunts – they will react and fight back.”

Yesterday, those at a public meeting to discuss how the city should deal with the group’s next visit voted unanimously that the police should have the demonstration banned. West Midlands Police were urged to join forces with Birmingham City Council to apply to the Home Secretary for a banning order under the Public Order Act. But a senior police officer said there were no current plans to do so as the EDL had a legitimate right to hold its march.

Birmingham Post, 24 August 2009

The English Defence League are paranoid types who greatly exagerate the “threat” of Islamic extremism.

It would be more effective for anti-racists to organise counter demos rather than just call for this demo to be banned.

And if this was a Muslim extremist group who preach hatred against Jews and non-believers and some called for them to be banned from protesting the likes of Salma Yaqoob would be screaming ISLAMOPHOBIA and saying that they are being stopped from expressing their anger towards foriegn policy the iraq war etc etc