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Rioting double standards

May 26, 2009

“No Sharia” demonstrators riot in Luton

Nine people have been arrested after hundreds of anti-Islamist protesters clashed with police yesterday. The streets of Luton descended into violence after demonstrators, many hiding their faces behind balaclavas, brandished England flags and chanted at officers.

A group called March for England was said to have organised the rally as a peaceful protest against Muslim extremists. They were joined by a local group United People of Luton.

The mob, which included teenagers and women, held banners with slogans such as “No Sharia Law in the UK” and “Respect our Troops”. Some protesters wore masks with the horned face of Sayful Islam, a hardline Muslim activist in Luton who took part in an anti-war rally in March, which disrupted a homecoming parade for troops.

But chaos broke out when a crowd of around 500 ran away from police who had been escorting the protest along its route, and ran down side streets towards the town centre. Officers on horseback and police dogs were deployed, and policemen drew batons to defend themselves.

Groups of young men in balaclavas and England shirts chanted outside the city centre and one balacava-clad protester held a Rottweiler on a chain, while others clashed with police in riot gear. One Asian man was hit across the face with a banner and left with a bloody nose.

Police said during the disturbance three car windscreens were smashed and a window at a take away restaurant in Chapel Street had been broken. Last night Luton town centre was calm as police maintained a presence on the streets.

A spokesman for United People of Luton, Wayne King, said many people in Luton were concerned and annoyed that the Muslim community in the town had not taken steps to deal with Sayful Islam’s “hate-filled preachings”. The 24-year-old, who wore a T-shirt with the words “No surrender to Al-Qaeda” on it, said:

“We decided enough was enough after the soldiers got heckled as they marched through the town centre by the Muslim extremists. Our community has been racially attacked for the last 10 years. A mosque in the town got set on fire a few weeks ago and it made national news but churches in Luton are regularly being set fire to.”

Daily Mail, 25 March 2009

For the background, see Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, 25 May 2009

For an eyewitness account, see Three Counties Unity, 25 May 2009

Meanwhile, over at his Lionheart blog, Paul Ray endorses the rioting. In reply to a comment objecting to “headlines of masked men and violence”, Ray demands:

“What are you doing about the Islamification of Great Britain? Islam has taken over Luton, and the police and council have done nothing but sit back and allow it to happen. This is the culmination of the past 25-30 years. The people of Luton have now arisen to reclaim their community!!! How do you expect them to do it? …

“No one thinks that removing the militant wing of Islam from our land is going to be easy, and if the government will not do it then the people will, and they will quite obviously be wearing balaclavas to do that, because the government will come down on them for defending their community…. So decide where you stand and who you stand with.”

No doubt Luton Council will bear this in mind next time Ray applies for permission to hold a demonstration in the town.

It all sounds preety nasty, and some of the people at the demo sound preety nasty.

But our double standards radar is going like the clappers.

Had this been an anti-war protest which resulted in protestors getting arrested after clashing with police the lefties and socialists would have been screaming blue murder about the right to protest being infringed, about police brutality and “fascits pigs!”

But it’s ok for the “fascist pigs” to nick protestors who’s protest the lefties and socialists disagree with.

Of course those who got invovled in violence and attacked people should be prosecuted. But you get the feeling that Islamophobia Watch’s view is that this protest shouldn’t have been allowed at all because they don’t agree with it.




Stop harrasing Muslims

May 10, 2009

Police ‘must stop harassing Muslims’

The government must end its “shameful harassment and demonisation” of Muslims, campaigners will demand at a public meeting in Manchester today.

The call follows the continued detention and attempted deportation of 11 Pakistani students falsely arrested during terror raids in the area in April.

All 11 men, plus a British citizen also arrested in the Liverpool, Manchester and Lancashire raids, have been released without charge and no evidence has been produced to support the allegations made against the men.

However, in a development which provoked fury from campaigners, the 11 foreign nationals were then immediately detained once more, this time by the UK Borders Agency.

A spokesman for the Respect party in Greater Manchester, which helped organise the meeting, said: “In a blaze of hysterical publicity, armed police swooped on 12 Pakistani students in Manchester and Liverpool on April 8.

“The Prime Minister boasted of a major terror plot being foiled. In spite of no evidence of any terror plot being found, 11 of the 12 are still being held in custody, awaiting deportation.”

He added: “Instead of an apology, the police promised more such raids. We must unite to stop the deportation of the Pakistani students and break the wall of fear that is being built around Muslim communities.

“The government must stop this shameful harassment and criminalisation of Muslim communities and the media must stop the demonisation of Muslims.”

Mr Abdul Kureshi of the Lancashire Council of Mosques said that government policy towards the Muslim community was alienating many and that it needed to be addressed.

He said: “My stance is that we need to protect this society but, if in the process innocent people are arrested, we should be bold enough to be fair with those people. It is not right if, in trying to serve justice, we are creating injustice.

“The government seems to have a blanket policy towards the Muslim community and a lot of people are very unhappy. I would be interested to know who came up with this strategy – it seems to be nonsensical and a lot of very hard-working and sincere people now feel very alienated.”

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday from 2pm at the Pakistani Community Centre, Stockport Road, Longsight. A second meeting is to be held on Tuesday May 12 from 7.30pm at the Saffron Restaurant, Cheetham Hill Road in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

Morning Star, 9 May 2009

Of course where innocent people are arrested questions must be asked and those who are responsible should be brought to book.

But there is another agenda here. The agenda of the socialists and Islamophobiawatchers who believe that even if some Muslims are planning to or have the means to carry out a terrorist attack it’s because of those Muslims’ anger towards British/American foriegn policy and to arrest them would be an act of Islamophobia.

We notice the meeting was organised by Respect who have a vested interest in putting it into the heads of Muslims that everyone hates them and is out to lock them up.