Salma Yaqoob not sure about Wilders ban

Ms Yaqoob was on BBC Question Time on Thursday and she aired her views on the Geert Wilders ban.

Being a poster girl for the Islamophobiawatchers they no doubt expected her to one hundred per cent support the ban and label anyone who disagrees as a racist BNP lover.

But she doesn’t.

There have been various conflicting views coming from Muslim spokespeople and groups on the banning of Wilders.

Some of them on hundred per cent in favour but some of them also against.

Even firebrand extremist Ajem Choudary has said he is against the ban because he believes Wilders views should be debated.

So far it seems the majority of people in favour of the ban are white people. Even the right-wing Kelvin McKenzie is for it!


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