Panicking about anti-Muslim stories in the Daily Star

Media activists slam Daily Star over ‘inflammatory anti-Muslim’ stories

Media campaigners condemned the right-wing trash tabloid Daily Star yesterday for running “highly inflammatory” stories against Britain’s Muslim community.

Over the last month, the paper has run stories with headlines including “BBC puts Muslims above You,” “Killjoys ban white Xmas,” “Poppies banned in terror hot spots,” “Muslim snub to forces’ and “Muslim nutters still preaching hate on our streets.”

In a letter to owner Richard Desmond and editor Dawn Neeson, Media Workers Against the War (MWAW) pointed out: “These headlines and the stories that go with them twist flimsy and misleading ‘evidence’ to pander to ignorance and prejudice against Muslims.”

National Union of Journalists general secretary Jeremy Dear noted that union members at the Daily Star have been at the forefront of campaigns against the use of their papers to publish material which goes against both the letter and spirit of the union’s code of conduct. “Journalists should not be forced to write articles that encourage discrimination and hatred in our society,” he added.

Muslim Association of Britain vice-president Mokhtar Badri regretted that any paper is running stories that don’t reflect the reality. “It is inflammatory to target a section of society in a way that only raises tensions between different sections of that society,” he said.

MWAW has also set up a petition which can be signed at

Morning Star, 25 November 2008

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MWAW: open letter to Richard Desmond

Media Workers Against the War (MWAW) have written an open letter to Richard Desmond, proprietor of the Daily Star and the newspaper’s editor, Dawn Neeson, concerning the paper’s coverage of stories on Muslims in the past few weeks.

These stories have all appeared on the ENGAGE website and can be found in the news items and archive folders.

The letter by MWAW can be read here. To add your signature to the letter click here.

ENGAGE, 24 November 2008

Silly stupid stories in a silly stupid tabloid newspaper are blown up into something bigger than they are by Media Workers Against The War.

How many people take what is printed in the Daily Star seriously? More to the point how many people who take anything that is printed in tabloid newspapers seriously? Very few we would guess.

This panic about the Daily Star printing anti Muslim stories reflects a general view amongst the Islamophobiwatchers of the white working class as a gullabble morons who will believe anything they read about ethinic minorities in the papers and will go out and beat up Muslims based on ridiculous stories about Muslims “banning” Christmas.

And this view reflects a fear amongst left-wing socialists of an undercurrent of violent racism brewing amongst white working class people which only takes a few stories in the tabloid press about Muslims banning Xmas to bring it exploding to the surface.



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