More Channel 4 and BNP are lover bollox

Fascist applauds Channel 4 documentary

The BNP’s representative on the London Assembly applauds “Undercover Mosque – The Return”, broadcast by Channel 4 – who, as Barnbrook puts its, “unlike other media outlets, do not exhibit the customary subservience to the religion of multiculturalism”:

“For those who did not catch this programme you can see the whole Saudi-orientated shooting match by accessing Channel Four’s excellent catch-up facility here.  It details literally thousands of Islamic facilities being set up in this country by the use of £billions of Saudi money. Not wishing to spoil the context of the documentary I can tell you that on the proposed agenda in a Sharia Britain, would be the stoning to death of adulterers and death sentences for those wishing to leave the religion of peace.”

Richard Barnbrook’s blog, 2 September 2008

Yes yes as we all know Channel 4 and the BNP are in league together. Channel 4 must have a plot going on with the BNP to have a go at Muslims.

Of course any criticism of anything Muslims say is being on the side of the BNP and being mates with fascists and Nazis.



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