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Linking bumbling Boris with the BNP

April 3, 2008

Yet more guilt by no association from Islamphobia Watch and yet more “because the BNP like someone it means that person is in league with them” bollox.

Back Boris urges BNP

BNP%20Islam%20Referendum%20Day.jpgToday the BNP urged its supporters to cast a second preference vote for Boris Johnson in the London mayoral election. The fascists explained that “a second choice vote for him gives you the chance to vote BNP as your first preference and still vote to get Livingstone out of office”. The replacement of Livingstone by Johnson would, the BNP opined, “be an improvement for the majority of Londoners”.

You can see why the fascists might favour Boris Johnson. When it comes to Islamophobia – and the BNP are urging voters to make Thursday May 1st a referendum on Islam – they find much common ground with the Tory mayoral candidate.

Here are a few of Johnson’s thoughts on the subject of Islam and Muslims….

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We wouldn’t vote for Boris. He’s a bumbling old buffon. His wolly hair makes us laugh though.

Buffon though he is he’s hardly in the same league as the BNP.

There does seem to be a lot of emotional blackmail going on here from the Livingstone lovers. “If you don’t vote for Ken Livingstone you are a Muslim hating racist BNP lover”.

Most Muslims are voting for Livingstone because of his political views about the Iraq war and George Bush and not because they neccesarily agree with his policies on issues directly affecting London such as transport, education, employment, housing and crime.

The blackmail for Ken’s supporters and fans is even if you think Boris Johnson would (which we don’t) do better for London with those issues (transport, education etc) you shouldn’t vote for him because he’s an Islamophobic Muslim hating racist loved by the BNP and if you vote for him you are an Islamophobic Muslim hating racist who loves the BNP.

We know who we are going to vote for and it isn’t Ken or Boris. So ner ner ner!