More guilt by “association” from Islamophobia Watch

‘Talking of appeasing Islam…’

Another plug from the fascists for the National Secular Society’s favourite “comedian”, Pat Condell.

BNP news article, 10 March 2008

Again Islamophobia Watch push the bollox that because someone is quoted or agreed with by the BNP that person must be in league with them.

The National Secular Society doesn’t like any religion yet Islamophobia Watch portray them as only not liking Islam and being against Muslims and in league with racist and fascists.

The BNP will grab hold of anything which isn’t pro-Islam because it suits their agenda.

The Islamophobiawatchers argue that we should always be pro-Islam because to criticise or disagree with it is being on the side of the BNP and other racists and fascists.

So because the NSS criticise and disagree with Islam the Islamophobiawatchers say they are on the side of the BNP.

That’s a bit like saying if you criticise the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality you must be gay.

It’s all smearing and general bollox which makes Islamophobia Watch and their friends look like utter twerps!


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