In defence of the paintball terrorists

Islamophobia Watch link Inyat Buglawala defending the men convicting of attending terrorist training.

Paintballs of terror

Inayat Bunglawala questions the conviction of the so-called paintball “terrorists”.Comment is Free, 29 February 2008

Bunglawala comes out with the usual “some people might be saying violent and horrible things but that doesn’t mean they are actually going to do anything violent”.

Possibly true.

But would he and the Islamophobiawatchers say the same about someone like Nick Griffin?

Whether these guys were attending terrorist training and or intending to carry out any kind of terrorist attack is unknown to the public at large and is up for debate.

But even if they were the Islamophobiawatchers would just put on their moral relativists hats and brush it aside as these men “voicing their anger” towards the Iraq war and British/Western foriegn policy.

In fact some journalist who documented the activisties of one of these men was on Channel 4 news last week and suggested that he was being penalised for mearly “speeking out” against the foriegn policies of the British government.

Reckon if Islamophoiba Watch and their chums saw that they would be nodding in agreement.


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