Criticism of Islam is “prejudice” against black immigrants say Media Workers Against The War

At a glance: Sharia law in Britain

The remarks by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, have seen the media and politicians unleash a vicious wave of Islamophobia, from the ravings of the tabloid press, to the disgraceful Independent on Sunday splash about domestic violence and the shocking claims about “inbreeding” by Phil Woolas MP, who has responded to the current hysteria by leaping head-first into the racist gutter.What are the basic facts behind the Muslim-baiting?

1. Most British Muslims do not demand Sharia law.

  • Muslim Council of Britain: “We do not wish to see a parallel system or a separate system of judiciary for Muslims.”
  • Shaista Gohir, government adviser: “The majority of Muslims do not want it. Many Muslim commentators and the media are wrongly assuming that all Muslims want Sharia law in the UK.”

2. What British Muslims want is for the UK, US and Israel to end their bloody occupations of Muslim countries.

3. They want an end to the racism against British Muslims, who are overwhelmingly dark-skinned.

4. A 2004 ICM poll found 61% of British Muslims might support Sharia courts being introduced in Britain, but only to resolve civil cases within the Muslim community, and only so long as the penalties did not contravene British law.

5. Archbishop Rowan Williams argued for “a delegation of certain legal functions to the religious courts of a community”, not for an extensive parallel legal system. The aspects of Sharia being considered by Williams are restricted to matters of family and finance law, i.e. civil matters. No one is suggesting introducing an Islamic penal code.

6. Religious courts already operate in this country for Orthodox Jews. Why shouldn’t Muslims enjoy the same right?

7. Sharia courts also operate in the UK, although without official recognition and concentrating only on mundane issues such as inheritance and divorce. Many British Muslims are already married under Sharia law, eat meat slaughtered by it, and bank according to it.

8. The UK is already amending its finance laws to allow Sharia-compliant products such as halal mortgages and Islamic bonds, in part to attract billions of petro-dollars from the cash-rich Gulf.

9. Ontario, Canada, for 15 years had a system of “faith based arbitration” whereby family issues such as inheritance and property division could be adjudicated by religious authorities. In 2005 Ontario’s attorney general reviewed how the system worked for Muslims and “did not find any evidence to suggest that women are being systematically discriminated against as a result of arbitration of family law issues”.

10. Criticism of Islam segues effortlessly with prejudice against black immigrants. “Niggers out” no longer wins many votes, but Muslim-bashing presses the same political buttons. For our rulers, Islam is a doubly-convenient scapegoat for resistance to the West’s “war on terror”. Any discussion of Islam today is therefore a discussion about war and about racism. By ignoring this basic fact the media join hands with the racists and the warmongers.

“Criticism of Islam segues effortlessly with prejudice against black immigrants.”

In other words all criticism of Islam is “prejudice” against black immigrants. If you criticise Islam you are prejudiced against black immigrants.

What about individual views held by followers of Islam? Is criticising, for example Sir Iqbal Saccraine’s views on homosexuality “prejudice” against black immigrants?

“Any discussion of Islam today is therefore a discussion about war and about racism. By ignoring this basic fact the media join hands with the racists and the warmongers.”

So there should be no discussion of Islam that is not about war and racism? Anything other than that is to “join hands with the racists and the warmongers”?

The media should never criticise Islam and should only regard it as a victim of war and racism?

This boils down to MWAW’s and the Islamophobiawatchers view that because Islam is often criticised by racists and warmongers any criticism of Islam is to be on the side of racists and warmongers.

There can be no difference between reactionary racist criticism of say the BNP and respectful and well put criticism by secularists.

It’s all racist to them.


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