Hilarious reactions to hilarious reaction to Dr Rowan Williams’ shariah law words

Whilst much of the right-wing media reaction to the Arch Bishop’s views have been suitably (yet unpredictably) over the top and hysterical much of the reaction from the socialist defenders of Islam has been equally over the top and quite ridiculous to.

Here’s a typical example from the Socialist Worker who seems to think that defending Muslims from racism means the unquestionable defending of their religion as righteous and beyond reproach:


“The subtext to much of this argument is that Christianity is more “enlightened” than Islam.”

Are even the hysterical right-wing tabloids suggesting Christinaity is more “enlightened” than Islam?

Except that while the Catholic church was burning people at the stake for the outrageous suggestion that the earth might rotate round the sun, Islamic Europe in Spain and Sicily helped establish science and medicine.

Er hold on. Whilst the Socialist Worker is (quite rightly one might say) saying it’s wrong to say that Christianity is morally superior to Islam here it is more or less suggesting Islam is morally superior to Christanity.

Whilst those ‘orrible Christians were burning people at the stake people who follow Islam were establishing things such as science and medicine.

How does that make sense?

The SW complains of an Independent story about Muslim female victims of honour crimes. Once again suggesting it’s “racist” to be concerned about human rights abuses amongst minority religions.

“The Independent’s story focused solely on Muslim cases of domestic violence. Nowhere did it mention that two women are killed each week in Britain by a current or former partner – and the vast majority of these are non-Muslims.”

Whilst the SW is accusing the Independent of whipping up scare stories about honour killings amongst the Muslim community it’s suitably whipping up scare mongering of Britain’s male population as murdering wife beaters.

Just goes to show the irony of it all.

The Socialist Worker has delivered a warped and suitably dumb response to the equally warped and suitably dump response from the tabloid media to what Rowan Williams had to say about shariah law.

Whilst quite rightly criticising the privalages and abuses of the Catholic church they defend shariah law as something righteous and just.

Whilst denouncing those who see Western culture and Christianity as morally superior to Islam and Muslim culture as racist and Islamophobic they hold up Islam as morally superior to Chrisianity.

It seems the SW believe defending minority religions and cultures from attack means portraying them to be better than majority religions.

In our atheist opinion no religion is better or worse than another. They are all a load of fucking shit! But we defend people’s rights to believe what ever twaddle they want to believe.


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