Cameron calls for hate preacher ban….oh what an Islamophobe

Cameron seeks ‘hate preachers’ ban

David%20Cameron%202.jpgConservative leader David Cameron has called for a ban on “preachers of hate” entering the United Kingdom. Mr Cameron accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of dithering over the case of Islamist cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, following press reports that he is to be granted permission to come to London for medical treatment.

The Tory leader branded Mr al-Qaradawi – and the head of Hezbollah’s TV station Ibrahim Moussawi, who recently spoke in Manchester – “dangerous and divisive” and said they should not be allowed in the country. And he called for a complete ban on Islamist political movements Hizb-ut-Tahrir and Hezbollah.

Speaking at the first meeting in London of a working group between the Conservatives and the main German centre-right party the CDU, Mr Cameron is due to say: “It’s clear for reasons of our security that we must expel or refuse entry to those who preach hate, pit one faith against another and divide our society.

“So I call on the Government to confirm that it will not be giving al-Qaradawi permission to enter this country and that it will not repeat the mistake of last December and make clear that Moussawi is not welcome in the UK.”

Islamophobia Watch and their chums would have no problem with a politician who called for a ban on the BNP and Nick Griffin. So what’s the difference?

Oh of course the difference is that whilst the BNP and Nick Griffin preach hate because they are racist bastards who hate people who don’t have white skin (which of course we are not denying) extremist Muslim clerics who preach hate only preach hate because they are angry about Western imperalism and oppresion of Muslims. Their expression of hate is apparently just them “speaking out” against Western imperalism, capitalism, the Iraq war etc etc.

Moral relativism as usual. 


2 Responses to “Cameron calls for hate preacher ban….oh what an Islamophobe”

  1. Mujaahid Says:

    If a preacher is preaching hate then he should be advised because this is not the way of Islam. If however he is preaching the right of defense against an invading or occupying force then this is legitimate according to Islamic as well as International law. It would be upon the slanderous accusers to bring the evidence that his speech is tantamount to hate.

  2. profreedan Says:

    I never said preaching the right of defense against an invading or occupying force isn’t legitimate.

    I am mearly saying that the Islamophoobiawatchers defend hate preaching by some Muslim clerics under the guise of defence aginst invading or occupying forces.

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