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Cameron calls for hate preacher ban….oh what an Islamophobe

January 29, 2008

Cameron seeks ‘hate preachers’ ban

David%20Cameron%202.jpgConservative leader David Cameron has called for a ban on “preachers of hate” entering the United Kingdom. Mr Cameron accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of dithering over the case of Islamist cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, following press reports that he is to be granted permission to come to London for medical treatment.

The Tory leader branded Mr al-Qaradawi – and the head of Hezbollah’s TV station Ibrahim Moussawi, who recently spoke in Manchester – “dangerous and divisive” and said they should not be allowed in the country. And he called for a complete ban on Islamist political movements Hizb-ut-Tahrir and Hezbollah.

Speaking at the first meeting in London of a working group between the Conservatives and the main German centre-right party the CDU, Mr Cameron is due to say: “It’s clear for reasons of our security that we must expel or refuse entry to those who preach hate, pit one faith against another and divide our society.

“So I call on the Government to confirm that it will not be giving al-Qaradawi permission to enter this country and that it will not repeat the mistake of last December and make clear that Moussawi is not welcome in the UK.”

Islamophobia Watch and their chums would have no problem with a politician who called for a ban on the BNP and Nick Griffin. So what’s the difference?

Oh of course the difference is that whilst the BNP and Nick Griffin preach hate because they are racist bastards who hate people who don’t have white skin (which of course we are not denying) extremist Muslim clerics who preach hate only preach hate because they are angry about Western imperalism and oppresion of Muslims. Their expression of hate is apparently just them “speaking out” against Western imperalism, capitalism, the Iraq war etc etc.

Moral relativism as usual. 


Islamophobiawatchers love Red Ken

January 25, 2008

Islamophobia Watch features a lot of articles by commentators backing Ken Livingstone in the forthcoming London Mayoral Elections….

 Ken may have fucked the buses and the tubes up and made public transport in London disgracefully overpriced (whilst persuing his petty war against car drivers) but if Londoners don’t vote for him and vote for one of his opponents (especially Boris Johnson whom the Islamophobiawatchers have portrayed as the spawn of the devil) they are Muslim hating Islamophobic racists right? Right?

Fact is for most ordinary Londoners without a political or religious axe to grind who they vote for will depend on who they think will deliver the best public services (especially public transport) for London.

Ken’s political views on Britain’s foriegn policy is largely an irrelevance.

BNP in yet more anti-Muslim racism shock

January 22, 2008
Islamophoia Watch continus as always to state the obvious.
How many times do white working class people need to be told that the BNP are racist and hate and want to attack Muslims?
A lot because they are thick and need to be told a hundred times. Apparently.

BNP flyers circulated in Burnt Oak

BNP%20changing%20face%20of%20london.jpgRacist flyers promoting the far-right British National Party have been distributed in the west of Barnet. The flyers, which contrast scenes from 1940’s Britain with three women in Islamic veils under the headline “What sort of Britain do you want?” have been found in Burnt Oak and Colindale in recent weeks.

The likely source of the flyers is the BNP presence in Harrow, where in December the party fielded a candidate in a council by-election. The candidate, Howard Studley, finished in last place with 56 votes.

Shakil Ahmed, a member of the congregation at the Hendon Mosque, said that relationships between different communities in Barnet were good, but that the concern of such views spreading are “always there”.

He added: “We don’t know what affect this is going to have. The worry in view of the nature of the flyer is that the hatred is going to be targeted at Muslim women on the streets dressing in this particular way. I don’t think we’ve had that many incidents in Barnet, but I’ve heard of things in Brent, where women in headscarves have been attacked for nothing. That’s not far away, so it is a concern.”

Last night Barnet councillors promised to investigate to ascertain whether the flyers breach anti-racism laws.

Yes these flyers are indeed racist. Might come in useful as toilet paper though.

Remember though that Islamophobia Watch and their friends cast the net over what is racism towards Muslims as wide as possible.

Even saying you don’t agree with the principles of Shariah Law is “racist” in their book.

Bishops “no go areas” diatribe gets Islamophobiawatchers excited

January 9, 2008

The Bishop of Rochester says some areas are becoming Muslim only no go areas. Unsurprisingly Islamophobia Watch have got their nickers in a twist

You can see it all here…

So what does this mean then? Those idiotic white working class plebs will go out looking for Muslim “no go areas” and start bashing any Muslims around apparently.

Are there Muslim only no go areas? Nobody actually knows.