More Scots prejudiced against Muslims?

Whilst Islamophobia Watch are labasting reports of racism and bigotory amongst Muslim extremists as “racist and Islamophobic” and “made by anti-Muslim BNP lovers” they are quite happy to publish unquestioned reports that say other races are racist and bigoted towards Muslims.


Huge rise in Scots with racist prejudices

“Scots are becoming increasingly prejudiced against Muslims, according to a wide-ranging survey carried out after the terror attacks of July 2005 but before the strike on Glasgow Airport this summer.

“Half of those questioned in the government study said Scotland would lose its identity if more Muslims come to the country – up on the 38% who said the same in 2003 when a similar survey was taken.

“The number of Scots who would be unhappy if a relative formed a close relationship with a Muslim was also up over the three years, from 20% to 24%, but while almost one-third of Scots believe there is sometimes a good reason to be prejudiced – an attitude which is on the rise – the number of people who are prejudiced against gays and lesbians is decreasing.”

The Herald

News that more people are becoming prejudiced against Muslims and Islam is good news for Islamophobia Watch and their friends.

It means they can boost fear and paranoia amongst ordinary Muslims of racist white working class people for their own ends.

It also means they can harp on more about how there is an “anti-Muslim” agenda hell bent on persecuting Muslims and destroying their faith.


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