Teddy bear “lashing” coverage gets Islamophobia Watch excited

‘Barbaric clash of values’


The right-wing press is having a field day with the report that teacher Gillian Gibbons has been arrested in Khartoum after letting her class of seven-year-olds name a teddy Mohammed.

The Daily Express leader is headed “Barbaric clash of values” and opines that the actions of the Sudanese state “show how nasty is the Muslim code of sharia law” and indicate “a fundamental incompatibility between Islamic and Western values”.

The Sun mentions that Ms Gibbons’ children have refused to issue a statement and quotes a relative as saying that “they do not want to aggravate the situation”. But the Sun itself has no hesitation in doing just that. Its front page article is headlined “Muslims insulted by Teddy” and an editorial comment inside declares:

“The West is routinely condemned for demonising Muslims. But it’s hard to sympathise with a faith that demands 40 lashes for calling a teddy bear Mohammed. Every perceived slight seems punishable by violence or even death. Until Muslim leaders speak out publicly against such barbarity, East and West will never come to understand one another.”

So saying Shariah law is barbaric is Islamophobic then. Ok.

Perhaps the non Islamophobic thing to say would be that Shariah Law is great and if Sudane wanna give this woman lashes then more power to their elbow and anyone who object is a racist BNP loving Islamophobic imperalist.


We didn’t reckon the Islamophobiawatchers would care much about the poor woman who might be lashed and be more bothered about stating the obvious that the press have used it for their own agenda.


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