Ofcom in bed with the BNP?

Predictably Islamophobia Watch have reacted to Ofcom clearing Undercover Mosque with suitable outrage.

Ofcom rules against ‘Undercover Mosque’

Channel%204%20logo.jpgAs had been leaked in advance, Ofcom has rejected complaints made by West Midlands Police, the London Central Mosque and the Saudi embassy over the notorious Channel 4 documentary Undercover Mosque. (Ofcom did however uphold a complaint about George Galloway’s Talk Sport radio programme. So you can see a sort of consistency here.)

Ofcom’s ruling has met with the approval of the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the British National Party, Jihad Watch, Harry’s Place and the Lib Dems (whose reputation as friends of the Muslim community – based mainly on the fact that they opposed the Iraq war for a couple of months before the invasion was actually launched – is looking increasingly threadbare).

Meanwhile over at the Spectator Melanie Phillips is calling for the West Midlands Police themselves to be investigated.

Islamophobia Watch list the BNP as one of those who approve Ofcom’s ruling, once again stating the no shit shirlock obvious that any group with a specific agenda against certain groups will applaud anything that does not show them in a very favourable light whether it’s genuine or not.

It comes as little surprise then that the BNP who think Muslims are the spawn of the devil himself would approve of Ofcom ruling in Undercover Mosque’s favour.

We expect IW will be wanting people to think this show’s Ofcom must sympathise with the BNP.


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