Undercover Mosque cleared by Ofcom

Islamophobia Watch and their friends haven’t started bleating about this yet but we are sure they will!

Ofcom to clear Channel 4 over Undercover Mosque

Undercover Mosque title screenThe police have been criticised for taking action against a television programme which exposed how some Islamic preachers use British mosques to spread a message of hatred and segregation.

Broadcasting watchdogs have cleared Channel 4 of wrongdoing over the controversial documentary about Muslim extremism.

The programme featured footage of preachers at a number of mosques, including one who praised the Taliban for murdering British soldiers.

West Midlands police rejected calls to take action against the preachers for stirring up racial hatred – and turned on the film-makers.

Three months ago, the police, backed by the Crown Prosecution Service, made a formal complaint to Ofcom, alleging that the way 50 hours of videotape had been edited was ‘distorted’.

But The Mail on Sunday has been told Ofcom has backed Channel 4’s claim that the film was fair and has criticised the police response.

The programme, Undercover Mosque, broadcast in January, featured TV footage of an Islamic preacher praising the death of a British soldier.

At a meeting in a Birmingham mosque, the cleric said: Do you know what was written in a newspaper? Hero of Islam! The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders!

Abu Usamah, a preacher at the Green Lane mosque in Birmingham, was secretly filmed saying: If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy, dogs who should be murdered, that is my freedom of speech isn’t it?

The film prompted the Saudi Arabian government to complain directly to the Foreign Office. The Dispatches documentary claimed the Saudis recruited young Muslims in the UK, trained them in Saudi Arabia and sent them back to the West to spread a radical ideology of intolerance and bigotry” through British mosques and Islamic organisations.

As we all know the issue here is whether the programme makers used selective editing and delibratly took things that were said out of context. It’s clear the Ofcom believe they did not.

But the main issue with the Islamophobiawatchers is that the programme makers dared criticise and expose bigoted views from some Muslims preachers at all as they believe to do so is “racist” and “Islamophobia”.

They believe that by scruitining and criticising even the most extremist and hateful views of some Muslims the media is siding with the government and supporting the war on terror.


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