MCB head terror tactics rant turns to religious preaching platform

What started as an interview sensibly questioning some of the government’s anti terrorism laws becomes more of a platform for the head of the Muslim Council Of Britain to spout of his religious views.

UK terror tactics ‘create unease’

Abdul%20Bari%20at%20TUC.jpgThe head of the Muslim Council of Britain has said the government’s approach to terrorism is creating an atmosphere of suspicion and unease.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Daily Telegraph, Muhammad Abdul Bari said the amount of discussion relating to Muslims was disproportionate. He cited Nazi Germany in the 1930s as an example of how people’s minds could be poisoned against a whole community.

Dr Bari also called for more emphasis on positive aspects of Muslim culture. Scaring the community “If your community is perceived in a very negative manner, and poll after poll says that we are alienated, then Muslims begin to feel very vulnerable,” he said. “We are seen as creating problems, not as bringing anything and that is not good for society.”

BBC News, 10 November 2007

Muhammed Bari says Britain must beware of becoming like Nazi Germany. Oh how the Islamophobiawatchers will love to hear that! Yes we are on our way to locking Muslims in concentration camps!

A bit of right-wing panic over Muslim extremists doesn’t show signs of the beginning of a Holocaust against Muslims.

Mr Bari recomends making abortion more difficult and on living together suggest going back to a more religiously informed way of life.

He even suggests that British people could benefit from arranged marriages.

Oh dear oh dear!

Many of the Islamophobiawatching socialists would probably disagree with all that but they won’t. Don’t want to be seen as Islamophobic do they!

The double standards about books is unsurprising. Books which offend Muslims should be pulped but we can’t stop bookshops selling books Islamic books which preach hate.

Bari says we can’t go in and tell them what to sell. Bet he would be going in and telling them what to sell if they stocked the Satanic Verus.


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