Britz fails to impress Islamophobia watchers

Britz’s main message was that Muslims only become terrorists because they are angry about UK foriegn policy and unjust laws. This surely would have pleased the “Everyone hates Islam” mob. But obviously not.

‘Britz’ – yet another negative protrayal of Muslims and Islam

“This is just the latest in a seemingly never ending torrent of negative portrayals of Muslims and Islam. Both films and television will claim to tackle any number of difficult issues, yet they find it impossible to show Muslims in a realistic manner. If there is no room for our reflection in their media mirror, then it’s time we made our own mirrors.”

A Muslim blogger responds to the Channel 4 drama Britz.

Outlines via Indigo Jo Blogs

Posted on Saturday, November 3, 2007

Indiana Jo more or less rubbishes Britz’s “the authorities are victimising Muslims and arresting them for doing nothing wrong” line….

 The issue of a woman being subject to a control order because a bulk quantity of curry powder was found in her family’s house seems like an attempt to emotionally manipulate us. While it is true that people were convicted of IRA terrorist activity in the 1970s on the basis of explosive being found on their fingers, which was actually derived from common household cleaning products, no such event as shown in Britz has happened as yet and, surely, the fact that curry powder is widely used in Asian cooking would surely occur to the authorities when issuing a control order.

  • I also find Sabia’s suicide unlikely given that the length of time she had spent under the control order was not that long and that it wasn’t stringently enforced; she was able to go to college and Nasima, who she was banned from meeting, nevertheless managed to sneak in at night.
  • Lol! We thought showing a Muslim woman being subject to a control order just for having curry powder in her house would have gone down well with those who constantly tell us the British government and police are “out to get” Muslims for the slightest little thing.

    We thought Britz would have had the Islamophobiawatchers applauding to the cows come home by more or less showing Muslims as victims of the government’s and police’s oppresion and how if they turn to terrorism we can’t be surprised when they are so angry at how badly they have been treated.

    But it obviously hasen’t.



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