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Highlighting hate in British Mosques is “providing succour to the far right” says MCB

October 31, 2007

Policy Exchange publishes another futile report

MCB%20banner.jpgThe Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) views the Policy Exchange’s latest offering as another divisive attempt to drive a wedge between British Muslims and the rest of society.

Today’s report from Policy Exchange entitled ‘The Hijacking of British Islam‘ plumbs new depths in the ongoing and transparent attempts to try and delegitimise popular mainstream Islamic institutions in the UK and replace them with those who are subservient to neo-conservative aims.

The report cultivates an insidious programme of generating sectarianism amongst British Muslims by preferring some traditions of Islam over others. From its inception, the MCB has been a pioneer in creating a space for the many rich traditions of Islam. The authors of this report would do well to learn from the MCB’s good practice. The MCB reasserts its commitment to seek the common good and point to its record in encouraging all British Muslims to enthuse the Islamic value of reaching out and seeking common cause with all, of all faiths and none. The MCB does not tolerate any messages of hate, whatever its source – and the law should take its course.

“Today’s report lists extracts from a number of books on sale in some Muslim bookshops which they deem to be unacceptable. The plain fact is that if you deliberately go looking for controversial material then you will be guaranteed to find it somewhere in a bookshop. Muslim bookshops are no exception. Yet tellingly, it is only Muslim bookshops and institutions that Policy Exchange calls to be regulated. British Muslims will not be intimidated by these futile and irresponsible recommendations,” said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

He added: “I would urge everyone to guard against the shrill hysteria generated by divisive organisations such as the Policy Exchange who provide succour to the far right. Sources of hope can be found elsewhere – yesterday’s launch of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) will complement, continue and strengthen the on-going work of the MCB in ensuring that mosques are welcoming and equipped for the twenty-first century.

Meanwhile Inyat Bunglawala  


Hate in British Mosques? Nah it’s just Islamophobia

October 30, 2007

We can only assume that Islamophobia Watch are reporting on this because they don’t believe it and think it’s just all made up by Islamophobic anti-Muslim racists.

‘Agenda of hate in British mosques’

Extremist literature calling for the execution of gays and the oppression of women is being distributed in British mosques. Researchers found radical or hate-filled books and pamphlets at a quarter of the 100 Islamic religious institutions they visited.

The material found in the mosques urges Muslims to lead separate lives from “nonbelievers” and makes repeated calls for gays to be killed. Women should be subjugated and are warned not to pluck their eyebrows or wear perfume.

In the alarming report, drawn up by the Policy Exchange thinktank, the Saudis were accused of having a “powerful and malign” influence.

Hardline material was found at the East London Mosque which has been visited by Prince Charles and is closely linked to the Muslim Council of Britain. The think-tank said separatist or hateful material was also found at the former Finsbury Park Mosque in North London – made infamous by hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza – and institutions in Wycombe, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Blackburn, Bradford, Rochdale and Oxford.

Anthony Browne, Policy Exchange’s director, said: “It is clearly intolerable that hate literature is peddled at some British mosques.”

The report, The Hijacking of British Islam: How extremist literature is subverting Britain’s mosques, was written by Denis MacEoin, an Islamic studies expert at Newcastle University. Dr MacEoin said the radical material was found by Muslim research teams working in 2006 and 2007. He added: “What is more worrying is that these are among the best-funded and most dynamic institutions in Muslim Britain – some of which are held up as mainstream bodies. Many of the institutions have been endowed with official recognition.”

Whether these Mosques are harbouring extremists and those preaching violence and hate should be investigated.

Of course the Islamophobiwatchers will tell us it couldn’t possibly be true and it’s all a conspiracy by Islam hating BNP lovers! 

Christian Voice nutters anti Islam meeting gets Islamophobia Watch worried

October 9, 2007

A bunch of right-wing nutters who are marginalised by most sane people are hardly a threat to Islam!

Christian Voice holds prayer meeting against Islam


The right-wing evangelical organisation Christian Voice – the same group that threatened to prosecute Islamic bookshops under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act for selling the Qur’an – has announced that it is holding a prayer meeting this morning at the site of the proposed Islamic centre at Newham in East London. They explain:

“With the threat of a planning application for the megamosque any day now, the need for prayer at the site, which is less than a mile from the 2012 Olympic village, is urgent. Certainly, one can pray in church or at home, but the act of going to the site has a spiritual dimension. It focuses our prayer and the effort of going shows God our prayer is serious, an important matter when we are praying for miracles.

“And we believe our prayer is having results. It is being felt in the existing mosque, a collection of old industrial buildings, and our prayers for confusion have, we believe, already disrupted the megamosque plans. We have also prayed in support of local councillor Alan Craig, whom the Lord has placed in Newham’s council chamber for just such a time as this.”

But don’t get the idea that Christian Voice is moved by hostility towards adherents of another religion. Not at all: “Love for God and for our neighbour is what motivates us, so while we shall pray against Islam, we shall also pray for salvation for Muslims and for them to be brought into the kingdom of God by faith in the incarnate Son of God, the crucified, risen, ascended Lord Jesus Christ.”

Christian Voice are bigoted morons who not only hate Islam and Muslims but hate homosexuals and anyone who doesn’t adhere to their fundamentalist values.

This demo is a typical example of their brand of bigotory and nastyness.

But if this were a group of Muslim fundamentalists holding an anti Christianity demo would Islamophobia Watch bat an eyelid? No! They wouldn’t want to be “Islamophobic”.

If a groups of Muslims wanted to hold prayer meetings against Christianity Islamophobia Watch would probably first deny any Muslims were planning to hold such a meeting and claim such a story is a fabrication of the “Islamophobic racist media”

Then if it turned out to be true that some Muslims were planning to hold anti Christianity demos they would just take the view that that’s their culture and anyone who criticises them for holding anti Christianity demos is an intolerant, Islamophobic racist!

Islamophobia Watch defending Hizb ut-Tahrir

October 5, 2007

Nothing in the programme could possibly be true. Just another example of anti-Muslim racist Islamophobia!

Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain statement on Panorama

Hizb.GIFHizb ut-Tahrir replies to last night’s Panorama programme How I Became a Muslim Extremist.

Among the talking heads featured on the programme was Douglas Murray’s mate James Brandon from the misnamed Centre for Social Cohesion, which the programme omitted to mention is a hardline right-wing think tank. And Andrew Green – who assured viewers that HT represents a “gateway” to terrorism – was introduced as a former Foreign Office expert, with no reference to the fact that he is now chairman of the anti-immigration campaign Migration Watch.

For Yusuf Smith’s comments, see Indigo Jo Blogs, 2 October 2007

The trouble with Islamophobia Watch is that they give unequivacle unquestioned support to any Muslim group which says it’s anti-war and anti-Western imperalism.

To them anyone questioning such groups are obviously pro-war and pro-imperalism. Oh and Islamophobic too!