BNP defend Undercover Mosque…that must make Channel 4 fascist supporters then say Islamophobia Watch!

So this must be evidence that Channel 4 are in league with fascists then!

BNP leaping all over piss poor journalism as evidence that Islam is trying to destroy our country? No shit shirlock!  


Fascists back Channel 4

bnp-islam-poster.gifWhen the Channel 4 documentary “Undercover Mosque” was broadcast last January it received an enthusiastic response from right-wing Islamophobes.

The Guardian’s Organ Grinder blog reported that an online video of the Dispatches programme had been “leapt on by anti-Muslim bloggers, and the weight of traffic even threatened to bring down the infamous Little Green Footballs for a while”.

The British National Party was particularly taken with the documentary, which of course helped legitimise the fascists’ ravings about the Islamic threat to Western civilisation. The BNP website directed its supporters to a video of the programme, while Der Führer himself Nick Griffin sent off a pompous letter to West Midlands Police and the Met calling for the preachers “exposed” in the programme to be prosecuted and the mosques closed down.

So you can understand the fascists’ disappointment at the outcome of the West Midlands Police investigation. A news article on the BNP website solidarises with the progamme makers and expresses indignation that the police “at one stage bizarrely considered charging Channel 4 for broadcasting material likely to stir up racial hatred”.

The trouble with Islamophobia Watch and other Islamophobiawatchers and parnoid racism seekers is that they believe broadcasters should steer well clear of showing Muslims saying anything or doing anything bad in case it’s lept upon by racists and used as a tool to attack Muslims.

They believe the non Muslim population can’t be trusted to think for themselves and when they see a few raving Islamic nutcases talking about killing “infidels” and westerners they’ll turn into raving Muslim haters who will then go and thump the first Muslim they find.

So their obvious soloution is to demand all Muslims be shown as salt of the earth wouldn’t say boo too a goose angels. Anything less will lead the idiot white Brits to want to wack a few Muslims round the ed innit!

As for the BNP well it comes as little surprise that they defend Undercover Mosque. It suits their anti-Muslim racist agenda well enough but then again anything that doesn’t show Muslims in the best possible light, be it accurate or not will suit their agenda.

But Islamophobia Watch take the view that because the BNP criticise Islam therefore if anyone else criticises Islam they must be supporters of the BNP.

Which of course is total and utter bollox!

As for the BNP protesting against C4 being done for insightment to racial hatred…well we don’t much care for that (let Ofcom deal with shoddy journalism not the boys in blue) does that make us want to shag Nick Griffin?


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