Sun defends Undercover Mosque….no shit shirlock!

Again this is dressed up by Islamophobia Watch as evidence of anti-Muslim racist hatred being everywhere in the media and in Britain.


Sun defends ‘Undercover Mosque’

“TV documentary makers have had a rough ride lately, with claims of doctored footage. No allegations of this sort can be substantiated against Channel 4’s excellent Undercover Mosque. A highly professional team filmed preachers praising the Taliban for killing British soldiers and showed chilling propaganda against infidels and homosexuals….

“The programme was in tune with authoritative surveys showing how young Muslims are being persuaded by imams and preachers to sympathise with terrorists. West Midlands police could have used some of the clips as evidence of glorifying terrorism. Instead, they urged the Crown Prosecution Service to put C4 in the dock for stirring up racial hatred … now Plod wants TV watchdogs Ofcom to step in.

“Why don’t they just get on with their job? And crack down on the fanatics who really are trying to stir up murderous feelings by turning gullible young Muslims into killing machines.”

Sun editorial, 9 August 2007

See also coverage in the Guardian  the Independent  the Times  and the Telegraph

And a statement by the Muslim Council of Britain

Islamophobia Watch have a good ability at stating the obvious. Of course The Sun will defend anything that suit it’s right-wing agenda. That’s what it does!

But no doubt Muslims will be warned too watch out for armies of Sun readers ready to duff them up! 


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