Media in sensationalising things wot people said shocker

A TV programme taking things out of context and sensationalising them? Hardly big news. Oh but they’ve been senationalising things said by…..MUSLIMS! Oh it all must be a racist conspiracy designed to whip the non Muslim population up into a frenzy of anti Islam/Muslim hatred. Don’t be surprised if we see Muslims being beaten to death in the streets because of Channel 4 is what is being said here!

Channel 4 accused of distortion over ‘Undercover Mosque’ programe

Police are reporting Channel 4 to industry regulator Ofcom over the way an undercover programme was edited. West Midlands Police carried out an investigation into three speakers in the programme Undercover Mosque. The Crown Prosecution Service says the programme “completely distorted” what the speakers said.

BBC News, 8 August 2007

See also Inayat Bunglawala’s post at Comment is Free, 8 August 2007

Inyat Bunglawala says that hate spreech must be combated but onBBC Newsnight last night when questioned on some of the obvious hate speech that was being said on Undercover Mosque he more or less waved it aside as all being delibratly taken out of context or dressed up to sound worse than it actually is.

C4 have played into the hands of the parnoid Islamphobiawatchers and racism seekers by not checking their facts. Now people like Inyat Bunglawala can say that Muslims never say anything bad but instead are made to look like they are saying bad things by “racist” TV programme makers.

Meanwhile there is some talk of the police bringing charges of insightment to racial hatred against Channel 4 (although we arn’t sure if this is true knowing the nature of the tabloid press).

Oh how the Islamophobiawatchers would love that!

They’re probably already on the look out for any stories of Muslims being beaten up by white racist skinhead scumbags so they can blame Channel 4!

But let’s get this into context folks. This is an example of the British media indulging in their typical type of shoddy journalism where some things said are twisted to make them look more or worse than they actually mean. But this is something the media have done for years and do with almost everyone at some time.

But this is no evidence of some anti-Muslim backlash in the media or in this country or anywhere else! And it’s very very unlikely that any Muslim will find themselves on the receiving end of a beating by white racist because of one programme.

But the Islamophobiawatchers never let the facts get in the way of a good argument! Or in the way of whipping up “EVERYONE HATES MUSLIMS” hysteria!


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