More “police are Muslim hating racist” crap!

Of course the issue of whether stop and search is an effective and fair method of counter terrorism should be up for debate.

But Islamophobia Watch and their ultra socialist left-wing friends present an image of the police wanting to go out and stop, search and round up thousands of Muslims just because they are Muslims!

Thousands more are stopped and searched after car bomb plot

Stop%20and%20Search.jpgPolice are stopping 366 people every day in London under stringent anti-terror powers described by the official security legislation watchdog as “a significant intrusion into personal liberties”.

The number of random checks carried out in the capital increased fivefold to almost 11,000 last month in the aftermath of attempted car bomb attacks, when the threat level was raised to severe.

Scotland Yard said yesterday that it was encouraging beat officers to use their stop-and-search powers more often and more widely to deter further terrorist attacks. Commander Rod Jarman predicted “an increase in overt counter-terrorism activities by the police over the coming months”.

Scotland Yard said that 54 per cent of those stopped last month were white, compared with a 71 per cent white population in Greater London. The proportion of people of Asian ethnicity stopped was 24 per cent – double the percentage in the capital’s population.  

Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “It is perhaps unsurprising that we have seen this massive increase in the number of stop-and-searches carried out in the immediate aftermath of the attempted car bomb attacks in June. However, questions remain regarding the actual effectiveness of such a strategy based on disruption – given the very low number of charges brought as a result – and whether it is actually doing more harm than good.”

Gareth Crossman, of Liberty, said: “Thousands of Terrorism Act stop-and-searches have produced hardly a single terrorism arrest. When not targeted against specific threats, Section 44 undermines community relations and wastes police resources.”

Times, 7 August 2007

 If the police are stopping and searching Muslims just going about their buisness then that must be stopped.

But admist this panic about stop and search “targetting” Muslims is a deep seated suspicion of the police in general as racist, Muslim hating Islamophobes.

Islamophobia Watch and co take the view that everytime a Muslim is arrested for a terrorist related offence he’s probably innocent and the police only nicked him because he’s a Muslim!


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