Bad mouthing Martin Bright

Oh no not another left-winger who won’t accept that radical Islam is a fight back against imperalism and oppression. What a racist eh?

Martin Bright repeats call for left-right alliance against ‘radical Islam’

James Silver interviews Martin Bright, political editor of the New Statesman and obsessive enemy of the Muslim Council of Britain. It contains the welcome news that Bright’s contact in the FCO, from whom he acquired the internal documents used in his witch-hunt of “Islamists”, has been identified and arrested. Bright also explains why he chose the right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange to publish his pamphlet When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries: “I believe a coalition of left and right need to be built around this issue.”

Guardian, 6 August 2007 

Islamophobia Watch and others on the hardline socialist left believe that there should be no alliance against radical Islam because they see radical Islam as a political movement against Western occupation, war and imperalism.

They see Islamic extremists as “freedom fighters” against invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and see those who condem Islamic extremism as not siding with the oppresssd.

It’s no wonder Islamophobia Watch sights Martin Bright as an “Islamophobe” when he won’t take sides with violent religious nutcases in the name of “resistance”.


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